Sometimes users are fun

Anyone who works in technical support is familiar with some of the incredibly funny situations that can arise on the phone when dealing with customers. I was recently shown an entire website of computer stupidities, many of which made me laugh out loud, for real. Take a look, unless you've called tech support because you don't understand your computer, in which case you may find yourself on the list.

  • Customer: "I lost some of my files. I archived them, but when I went to retrieve them, they were gone!"
  • Tech Support: "What program did you use to archive your files?"
  • Customer: "I used DOS -- but now I can't find them!"
  • Tech Support: "Ok, what program are you using to do this?"
  • Customer: "I used 'undelete', but they aren't there."
  • Tech Support: "Uh...what command did you use to archive your files?"
  • Customer: "I used 'del' and the filename."
It turned out that the guy had been deleting files, which would free up disk space (he liked that), and when he wanted a file again, he would undelete it. Apparently he actually got away with this for a while, until he discovered 'defrag', which overwrote his deleted files.

If you have your own stories, make sure to share.

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